Saturday, August 22, 2009

saturday marc fever!

omg. i woke up thinking of marc jacobs and lorenzo martone, getting married with just 2 spectators. what a sweet couple.

well, too much of lorenzo. marc currently thinks hot pink is the new black. american runway goes 80's and expect to see the hue on marc and michael kors. hot pink patent flats, hot pink animal print clutch blah blah.

oh, so i was thinking about marc jacobs and i stumbled upon this really huge story. marc is dressing up miss piggy, a character from the muppets and i was like 'no way, fat fat!' and he's like, yes way! and what's more envious is that, she fitted with marc jacobs. that fat bitch! she did not! i was almost teary eyed upon reading the post but that's just life! maybe its the new trend--fatness... from beth ditto, to uncle andre leon, to alber elbaz, everyone seems to get the hang of it. now im starting to worry bout my figure!lol.

some reminiscing of marc's glorious past. he has long hair back then. and the eyeliner--so major. but i still love him, just as much as i love my balenciaga bag.

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