Friday, August 7, 2009

bitchy franny and dumbass joey (a prank post)

if there is one word i would want to curse my entire life, it would be thesis. you know! having to take up a crash course in thesis making is stressful second to advance calculus. and what's worse is having to make it with the help of only a member of the group. well, franny is sometimes bitchy but hell! she helps out... unlike HOG-warts major joey. i mean, yes, he provides us with the printer but ONLY a printer. i admit, he is our transport man but gawd, we are talking about thesis here, not the red auto/machine or whatever.

franny and joey

all im saying is that, this is our last year, our make-or-break semester and i did my all [technically, we, me and franny]. but assessing what he did and what he has contributed to our group is like 'lighting a cancer stick, you have temporary benefits but no long term whateves!"

joey is...
a mullhead,
a douchebag,
a nigg*.
a walking polo shirt,
a d*ck head,
a chocolate chip,
a loser!

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