Wednesday, August 19, 2009

shut up! you shi*t!

a shirt is a fashion staple. but considering the upsurging fashion house queue claiming shirt supremacy, who do we believe? shirts over time have been washed, dyed, printed, tattered, distressed, trimmed and a whole lot more, loden dager proved that there is another way of pulling off a shirt, that is--too difficult to explain. its not a sheer dress but its nearing the name. its a high-gauge long-fiber sea island-cotton that is loose but not baggy. its one, if not, the perfect shirt ever! i cant wait to have that shirt, but dont get me wrong. getting that envious shirt requires you to have $125 and guts. why? i wouldnt wear anything underneath those! would you?

this shirt is not a statement shirt, you dont buy the name, you dont buy the tag. you buy status symbol.

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