Monday, August 10, 2009

leggings=for the legs=for men?

a new hybrid for men--meggings. insane but true. a guy wearing leggings before is a big NO-NO, but guess what, men wore these fantastic fashion piece for the sake of wearing it!--it doesn't make sense right? anyways, i see myself wearing leggings for the class picture for our yearbook. wednesday it is! i really don't know what to wear. i'm thinking of wearing tattered jeans but the school wouldn't allow students to! urgh... but im thinking of wearing something like, harem pants with loose shirt, distressed or something like that. but i still dont have shoes to go with my outfit. let me consult the lookbook for that!

but let me go back to the whole point of this blog, that is leggings. i really dont like men wearing leggings. and to cut short the leggings like capri pants? and like the reason for wearing such is for layering... layering! well lindsay would be glad to know that guys wear her line of leggings, but a leopard print for men? NO-NO. i don't like the leggings. period.

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