Sunday, August 9, 2009

the $150-million-guiness-title-holder-walking machine

gisele bundchen is really the hottest supermodel and hailed as the richest supermodel! born in brazil, she entered modeling 14, vertically 170cm. she really wanted to be a volleyball player but i guess she was born to be a supermodel [like kate moss and naomi].

popular romance: leo leo leonardo dicaprio.

her strut is an "aha" moment. she dazzles the runway with her signature catwalk and captures every designer to model for her. looks, attitude and height! factors that will make you like her. but gisele is gisele!

recently, she and warren buffett taught kids about the environment and finance. they joined stars like martha stewart and celeb amerostromer carl sagan for a new series which will be aired at AOL. the show will debut autumn.

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