Monday, August 3, 2009

my n.f.f.

most of us, if not all, like everyone has a new-found-friend. in my case, i really liked my NFF simply because he is likable. he's name is divo and he is gay or bisexual or an unidentified creature. last mornyt, we chatted via FB and he was tired of love and short whateves. he wanted to tell me about his life and all but duh! i was a NFF and you do not just open up to a stranger?! we chatted about his life and my life and everything in between. he is nice [my first impression]. he is kinda sweet and very charming [like charming charming]. he is a nurse and to note, i like nurses. nurses make me go ga-a-ga! we chatted about his lovelife and every tragedy in his quote "damn" unquote life. lol. he wants some pizza and um... i think... a cup of cappucino... and another food, a burger i think! divo is divolific.
but i dont like him. like like-like!

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