Wednesday, August 5, 2009

on persons and places

today is a long day. as usual, my groupmates and i went to-as usual-mcdo for some thesis making. i woke up late coz of staying uplate. met up with groupmates at 1 and made thesis revisions and alterations for 4 hours. i drank two upsized coke and swear to GOD i feel really bloated! i must and should not eat for the next hours to lessen the sugar intake and to stabilize things up. coke is not really my thing, but i guess the cocaine is kicking in. i mean, sugar rush! ate some frenchy friesey and i was thinking of transfats and all and i was like--"OMG! what will happen to all those potatoes?". i wasnt able to eat a heavy lunch because i thought i was late for the meet up, well in fact i was!
(shirt: GAP, chain scarf: own design, LV pochette)

got a lot of trouble-reminiscing lately. the things that had happened before that still haunted almost every day that i'm in school. those times that we had to face the whole back-stabbing class, the times where we had to stand proud because we were an "A" and the times that we shared with the most genius, some creative, some dumb, some idiotic, some feeler, some discreet, some virginal classmate of ours. i can limpidly remember myself in the spot light-hot and scrutinizing-spot light, together with my friends, chin, jason and joel. and that moment i can honestly say the "we against the odds" phrase or whatever. but in the first place, things like that happen to most people, i mean to everyone, but its just that that was our time. like i don't blame myself for being pathetic with all the planning and shit, but i don't normally do things with people i don't get along with. like, how the hell would i manage their boastfulness and swallow their inner ego-centric whateves. whispers (if i can only do some voodoo to rebut those sluts).

well, anyway, so much of those melo-dramatic self reminiscing. this is show business and just when you think you have all to carry you to your grave? you could be wrong!

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