Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hermes notable clientele slashes heart evanglista

hermes birkin bag revealed its notable clientele via last year or some months ago, i was re-fascinated with hermes that i went over every article and video there is about the bag. no doubt these women celebs in the phils are so popular, that is because of their hermeses, its the bag dahlin! gretchen, claudine, angel locsin, mikee cojuanco, kc, sharon, ruffa mae quinto, the ayalas and a chua-go! perfect for a third-world, a million-peso bag!
hermes himalayan birkin bag

i have been uber-dazzled by hermeses these past few years and i am hoping, wishing that maybe someday i could afford the "eternal-it-bag!" named after british-born singer and actress, jane birkin, it has gained popularity throughout the globe. its a luxury bag, only rich and filthy rich people can afford it. after all, its the bag, the leather and the name that you are buying.

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