Sunday, August 9, 2009

i wore my flats, i died.

ever since i was a kid or adolescent or whatever, i was really fascinated with heels, killer heels to be exact. they tend to blow my mind off! the balenciaga lego shoes, i remembered, i cried over them, they are eternal and the balmain studded shoes! gawd!

franny has a new pair of heels. she bought it for about $12 and they are so gorgeous! i kinda hated her for that! ill be buying mine sooner than soon.

invite to view cam, accept, and stunning!

from iloilo with love, franny! thanks for showing fran! deserve it after a break-out! zits anyone?

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  1. true to your word. hahahaha. zu wasn't able to buy! awwwww.


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