Sunday, August 16, 2009

the hip generation: the hippies

ever since 2006 summer and transcended on winter, hippie fashion has always been questioned whether fashionable or off. so here is a collaboration of the hippies in fashion. from hippie people, to hippie runways, to everything but the hip. in the spring of 2006, anna sui themed her runway to hippie.

and here are some hippie people. let's call them the neo-hippies.

alice temperely

the guy who dated natalie portman, devendra banhart

and peace=shalom, shalom harlow

i personally dont like hippie fashion but why not give it a try. not that i dont like loose skirts and uber accessorizing but i just dont see myself in those types of clothes... i tried once but i really looked hideous--more like a walking disaster. my assumption, others can really fit the hip-fash, but not me!

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