Monday, August 17, 2009

pink films make me cry

just woke up.

its 9 in the morning, sun is up.

i had a weird dream. it was a film. i dreamt that i was directing it and of some sort, i cried the whole time. a nostalgic film it was, i finished a box of kleenex the whole time. it was a pink film. a story of a forbidden love between same sex, bound by time, tested their faith, succeeded, parts in the end. it was saddening thinking that i can relate to the story and i can really feel the emotions portrayed by the characters. it made me realize one thing-- never love someone that you cant stand by his side.

so the dream begins with two men, simple, country boy. found each other's company, saw each other's character, one stood out, and the rest was history. everytime they are down or feels terrible, they would hide themselved and cry their hearts out. they would sometimes go under a car, in front of the town's crucifix and places you wouln't event imagine. then came the revelation. the family disliked the whole point of the argument and planned to separate the two. they fought for their love and never comformed with their family's whim. though against their will, the family decided that it was the right time to let go of the kid they know and try to accept the fact that is--their child is gay.

after a while, their relationship grew from best-friends, to secret lovers, to open lovers and now to fiance-ish. then came the sad part. one having to depart from another.

it was a film that i created in my head. a suppressed film i would certainly do in the future. i cried. and thinking of the whole story, it made me teary eyed.

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