Friday, August 7, 2009

forgive, forgiven, forgotten, forgo

i remember when i was a kid, i used to have this red and black train, with built in sound and smoke [but you have to put oil first] my uncle gave me. my hands were dying to touch them. it was my first movable-transportation-miniature ever! [even if i am not fond of playing cars when i was a kid.]. to drive my point, i lost it during summer of 1999. i was never insouciant about the incident. neither did i had a carefree feeling.

i think that it is but proper to start with an introduction than go straight to the point. so, point is, there was this guy, um, he isn't familiar but we know each other by name. he was a friend of a friend and there was really no formal introduction or something like that. for four years in my university, i rarely see him coz they had classes somewhere. haha. anyways, i think i was able to see him first year. but now think, the fluffy-fleecy feeling is gradually ebbing. thank gawd i was able to divert my attention to something else.

i think that forgoing is gianni versace's death... or

naomi campbell's fake death... or

valentino garavani's retirement.

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