Saturday, August 15, 2009

on personals and blogging (the break or no-break edition)

feeling a little bit nauseous, we hurried our way to the resource center for some frying[not the literal frying]. its deliberation/interrogation/questioning time for my group! i swear, i havent had any pre readings before so i was really having butterflies on my stomache. i dont know how or when to speak and to think i did the intro. OMFG! insane...

so there we were in a room--humid and hot and whatever you call it-room. cut the long story short-fast track, we did a wonderful job defending our proposal... i think we did better than sam ronson sister's runway.

im now thinking on a concept for our december runway. i was planning to do cherry blossoms but then it seemed to me that some designers did it already so... i was hoping to have a 'shit' as a concept. but, not feasible! i dont wanna go with my first runway like that? smelling like shit!

these past few days i have been very random with things. like. how many pairs of sneakers do you own. have you had sex with your toy before? i think you like me! stuffs like that...

whatever! useless post this is..

note: someone is heading for some breakup... and now they are together! over and over again. urgh!

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