Thursday, April 2, 2009

millionaire at 61!

my aunt just passed away last month and she left us will millions baby! at 61, she had a million dollars on canadian bank account! after hearing this, i was like 'OMG! this cant be!" but it is. and now the family starts to have a fight on who will get who! well an uncle said that his brother will be a millionaire. now that includes her april baby wife! I HATE HER, IM GONNA SHUT HER MOUTH, PUT HER IN A TUB, POUR CEMENT ON IT AND SET THE TUB AFLAME.

i was thinking what could i but with that big the money. well, first, an hermes birkin bag, lots of chanel bags and a fashion staple and classic, LV's dahling! it is what it is and you cant do anything about it.

on second thought! how sure am i that the last will will be in favor of me!?

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