Friday, April 10, 2009

holy holy week

holy week is the time to meditate and a time to rest from the husstle and bussle of metro life! it is a time of repentance and a time to be sorry for everything! yah! and fashion also suffered holy week this week. recently, nylon mag is having problems with finances. but its a hoax since a WWD interview confirmed such allegation. michelle obama also suffered from a very rare disease called 'the paste-up-lashes-syndrome'. a rare disease usually found on drag queens' makeup kits and D-list celebs! haha. american fashion is so struggling right now, the dinner prepared by AW was a total boo hoo! yah! it was a lousy, poorly-attended event! and like, everyone is experiencing financial famine. OMG! i really cant believe this recession is whipping the fashion industry to its fullest! haha. well, just recently, ive watched 'how do i look?' on lifestyle and i was kinda dismayed and uncontented of the things this show is going. i dont really get the point of having a stylist in a contest and having a participant to choose the friend's choice than that of the stylist! she is a stylist! she must've known style and her collection should be chosen over others. am i right!? or am i right!? if you know what i mean. another thing is the stylista! its super boring and like its not even fashion to me. haha. elle?! the editor malina joseph must be crazy! its so copy cat-ing vogue and it isnt funny! and like the producer of antm US and project runway, rich bye is now regretting his decision. haha.

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